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Barre combines yoga, Pilates and ballet inspired postures to create long, lean, sculpted muscles. It is a low-impact, easy to follow technique using the resistance of your body and props (balls, light weights, straps, bands) to enhance results. The motions are small, precise and endurance focused, therefore, high repetitions. We incorporate aligned stretching and emphasize posture. Some benefits include muscle definition, trunk and pelvic stability, and increased flexibility.
Body Sculpt
This one-hour class, taught by Magic Mike Byola (a body builder/competitor), is designed to build muscle to create a lean and well defined body. You will have fun while strengthening the core, improving strength and flexibility all the while burning fat and calories. We use light weights (3, 5 & 8lbs), mats, barre, stability balls, medicine balls, stretch bands, skipping ropes and chairs.
Taught by Magic Mike Byola, this African Tango class will teach choreo for one hour, followed by an hour of practice. Contact Magic Mike Byola for class package pricing: 480-299-9962
It's always a party at AEF! This Caribbean dance welcome beginners through advanced dancers looking to up their game on the dance floor. In this 90 minute class you'll learn choreo and techniques for clean, confident movement. Come with or without a partner!
Strengthen, Elongate & Exercise thru Dance. A technique that uses barre work, resistance bands, cardiovascular movement, static & ballistic stretching to create a long and lean physique. The Method not only conditions and tones, but has shown to increase flexibility and stamina. This method has been used by dancers and non-dancers for rehabilitation, decreasing fat and increasing overall health.
Zumba has been sweeping the entire globe for 15 years + and its still the #1 cardio dance party no-one wants to miss. Zumba Fitness fuses entertainment and culture into an exhilarating, cardio dance class that's a “fitness partay” blending upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total body workout - feels like a celebration. You're having so much fun you're not realizing its exercise and you're burning calories!
Buti Yoga
Drawing on primal movement, tribal dance and yoga techniques to move old energy and bring the new. Get ready to sweat and tone.
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